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Journey Care

Our Journey Care Initiative aims to build a support network around the women we have the great privilege of walking alongside. These resources are available for women who are in the industry or are working on transitioning out and are not yet part of a restorative program.

Our Journey Care initiative provides tangible resources for the women we walk alongside regardless of what part of the journey they are on.  These resources are only for the women we serve as we don't take referrals.  



We believe in the power of prayer and have seen God move in ways that we can only give Him the glory for. Our dedicated prayer team prays daily for the women we walk alongside regardless of their religious beliefs. And many of the women ask for prayer on their own for issues they are struggling with or even to share praises. 



We have selected the best (and we might be a bit biased) licensed counselors to serve the women we walk alongside.  We offer weekly counseling sessions to them (and sometimes their children) either via zoom or in person.  For the women who have consistently attended their counseling sessions, we stand in awe of the healing God has done in their lives. 



Many of the women that we serve come from backgrounds in which they have received a conviction of some sort.  We offer financial help and lawyer referrals to seal/expunge their records.  For the women whose records have been cleared, there is a great celebration!  In addition, and on a case by case basis, we also help women with other court and attorney fees. 



Many of the women we walk alongside have been sex trafficked and were kept from attending high school or going onto college.  So we help women obtain their GED by providing volunteer tutors or in some cases we pay for specialized tutoring.  We also help pay for trade school, junior college, and/or university tuition and books. 



Transportation is always an issue, especially for women who are transitioning out of sexual exploitation.  We work to secure transportation either by purchasing bus/train passes or with Ubers.  In cases where women don't have access to public transportation, we also help them purchase used cars. 


Living Expenses

For the women we walk alongside, the journey of healing can take years. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.  So, on a case by case basis, we assess where a woman is on her journey and determine where we can best come alongside her and contribute financially to her living expenses, i.e. rent, utilities, phone, food, gas and toiletries.  


Health Expenses

Many women coming out of sexual exploitation and/or trafficking suffer from physical health issues due to abuse, addiction and/or parental neglect.  We have helped connect them to doctors, nutritionists, dentists and oral surgeons and in some cases helped pay for their care.


Group Support

We are continually trying to establish different support groups or connection groups for the women we walk alongside. We currently have a zoom marijuana support group for women that want to stop smoking weed.  We have a New Testament GroupMe bible study that is reading through the New Testament.     


Please note, we are not taking referrals at this time.

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