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The reasons women are involved in the adult industry are varied. For some it is a choice, for others a lack of choice or force. Regardless of how a woman entered the industry, we believe grace is a gift from God not based on a person’s current or past circumstances or behaviors. Our hope is that God will use us to demonstrate His grace and unconditional love to women in the adult industry through our venue outreach and online outreach.


Our venue outreach is not intended to disrupt business, but to build relationships with the women in our communities working in the Asian massage parlors, strip clubs, adult bars and escort businesses.


If you have a heart to reach women in the adult industry within your community and you are committed to investing the time and energy required to build lasting relationships, click above to learn about our serving opportunities.

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Our online outreach groups reach out to women advertised online for prostitution and offer resources, prayer and a listening ear.  We have online outreach groups across the Chicagoland area that make calls monthly.  

If you have a heart to reach women who are sexually exploited and trafficked online, click above to contact us for a call center in your area or we can help you start one at your church.  We provide training and ongoing coaching for all our teams. 

"I can honestly say New Name has helped me and continues to help me.  They have been by my side from the very beginning of my new journey. At times I ask myself where I would be if it weren't for that call asking me, "Can I pray for you?"  From that very moment, I knew God was calling and talking to me through New Name.  I can't thank them enough for everything they do for me.  I can honestly say now, "I AM NOT ALONE!"  I have some of the best sisters in Christ you could ever ask for and I thank God everyday for putting them in my life ... they are a true blessing to me and my three kids. ” 

- Former Escort

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